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Welcome at AI SEAL! My name is Kirsten Meisinger – I am CEO, serial entrepreneur and an online marketing specialist focusing on AI for digital marketing. I worked as a marketing manager at international corporations as well as for SMBs – this is how I know marketing managers’ perspectives. I’ve been in marketing for 20 years – always looking out for new trends, tools, and ways to streamline our jobs.

Our mission here at AI SEAL is to amplify your online marketing with AI tools. My AI digital marketing team and I are looking forward to support you. We are people helping people. We believe in sharing knowledge to make your job more efficient – and more fun, too. Let’s create great projects together. 

Kirsten Meisinger CEO SEO SEAL
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Why we do it

We support marketing people


Small and medium-sized companies are the bedrock of economies in Europe and all over the world.


People are the single most important factor in a company's success. Our mission is to alleviate the challenges of people's work life – and make it more enjoyable.

Value Boost

By amplifying their online marketing with AI tools, we help marketing teams to deliver value to their customers.

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We are an online marketing agency with a proven track record in performance marketing. We use AI-powered tools to implement online marketing strategies across various media, including websites, social media, and Google Ads. Our team is dedicated to assisting medium-sized businesses in Europe in achieving their online marketing objectives.

What customers say

SEO SEAL created a SEO website and a Google Ads campaign for us. Our campaign is running wonderfully, we are ahead of our competitors and are receiving a dreamlike number of inquiries.

Artur Funk


Occasionally, we had to turn off our Google Ads because we couldn't keep up with processing the orders. Thanks to AI tools by Google Ads.

Jürgen Weiher

Home Partner

We got great support and an even greater SEO website by SEO SEAL.

Verena Lorenz

Several companies

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Why you should hire us

  • 1. Outperform your competitors

    You will finally outshine your competitors. With online marketing experts by your side, you can climb to the top and attract the attention you deserve.

  • 2. Increase traffic

    With our help and clever AI tools, you can increase your visibility and generate more traffic. More traffic means more potential customers who can discover your products or services.

  • 3. Focus on core competencies

    You can focus on your core business. With AI tools streamlining your workflows, you can focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest.

  • 4. Cut costs. Increase revenue

    You will most likely generate more revenue and cut your costs. Streamlined processes help you achieve more faster.

  • 5. Save time

    You can probably implement all tools yourself, but with an online marketing agency and AI tools it will be faster.

  • 6. Hands-on Trainings and Webinars

    Book a webinar or training with us – we share all the hacks and teach your staff. From zero to hero in a few hours of personalized online trainings.