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Overview: AI Services & Trainings

If you are researching how to best start your first AI project – stop right there. You’ve come to the right place.

Our services

Details: What we do for you

With an SEO check you analyze if your website is optimized for search engines like Google.
This check usually includes a review of these aspects:

  • 1. Tactics

    Based on your existing online marketing strategy, we develop tactics fast. We use workshops, 1:1-talks with marketing managers and consulting sessions to deliver hands-on steps for your online marketing.

  • 2. Discover Potentials

    We suggest different options for you online marketing success. You decide which way to go.

  • 3. Roadmap & Timeline

    Which AI tools, processes and media can we use to get the job done? We develop a roadmap with key content and media.

  • 4.Online Media

    We use or create your website, Google ads and social media channels for your performance marketing activities.

  • 5. Performance Marketing

    Performance marketing campaigns drive conversions such as awareness, leads, sales, newsletter subscriptions, and more.

  • 6. Leveraging AI

    Streamlining processes, research, idea generation, content creation...all with the help of AI tools. We will set it up and train your employees.

Testing new AI tools daily

Our crew researches and tests legal AI tools for companies

Why you should hire us

  • 1. Cost saving

    Through the use of AI tools, you can avoid spending unnecessarily on expensive online marketing campaigns. Getting the job done by our savvy experts also helps reducing your budget.

  • 2. We create better user experiences

    With our encompassing approach and experience and value creation, we use integrated marketing to create a seamless user experience over all channels.

  • 3. Technical support

    By monitoring your online media and fixing technical errors promptly, our tech experts are one more reason to rely on us.

  • 4. Proven track record

    With a proven track record of 20 years in (online) marketing, we know how to create successful campaigns and media.

  • 5. We don't stop...

    ..before we are 100% proud and you are satisfied. We are people working for people. Our mission is to make your job easier and more fun. Win-win ist our idea to create great projects together.

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