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Successful companies excel at persuading customers to choose them over their competitors. We empower your team to achieve this goal with advanced AI tools, services, and training.

We boost your productivity while making every project an enjoyable experience for you and your team – that’s our mission.

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AI Consulting

You know your marketing strategy and your goals. We define tactics how to get their fast and easy.


AI Training

We find the best AI tools for your online marketing. Or develop individual GPTs and models. We train your staff on how to apply them to streamline your marketing.


Media with AI

We deliver the media you need to get conversions you want. Leads, contact request, sales, remarketing. Increase your performance through targeted campaigns.

AI Training

B2B users say they are excited about AI because it helps them with

AI Applications and Use Cases

Ideation & Creativity 89%
Productivity 100%
Text generation 100%
Market Research, Competitor Analysis 77%
Image generation 72%
Translation 65%
Video creation 41%
CustomGPTs 54%
AI ChatBots 31%

Use Cases for AI in office applications

To stay competitive, you need to explore AI applications and use cases.

Many companies face the same challenges:

  • What are the first steps we should take?
  • Which use cases are feasible?
  • Which AI tools are legal and ethical?
  • How to train our staff?
  • How best implement AI software?

Ask AI SEALS! We get the job done.

Our Vision

Your company will thrive due to knowledgeable staff and AI tools. By harnessing cutting-edge AI software, we save you time, reduce costs, and eliminate hassle.

Our Mission

Drawing on 15 years of expertise in digital marketing, we create value with AI for your company. With hands-on advice, practical training for your staff and support to implement legal and ethical AI software.

Our Process

Discover relevant use cases in our introductory seminars. Afterwards, you either get more in-depth trainings, book our hands-on workshops or use our AI Consulting to start your AI strategy. We also help you creating the media and campaigns you need with AI.

AI news for companies

Are you already using the new Google Ads AI?

Are you already using the new Google Ads AI?

Google has been using big data and AI for a long time. We have been using many functions based on artificial intelligence such as combining ad titles, descriptions and assets, responsive search ads, smart bidding and recommendations for a long time without calling it AI.
There was an explicit roll-out of new Google Ads AI functions at the major Google conferences in 2024. Discover functions, use cases and free checklist now…

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Putting AI on a leash: What does the EU AI Act mean for companies

Putting AI on a leash: What does the EU AI Act mean for companies

The EU AI Act has been adopted and will gradually come into force over the next two years. Many companies are already testing generative AI, using image generation tools or chatbots and other AI applications. New laws now apply to companies, public authorities and private individuals. Is the AI software used so far still legal? What penalties can companies expect? What we know so far.

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How to prompt an AI

How to prompt an AI

The right prompt is crucial for the quality of the results when working with AIs. Here are the essential steps and tips on how to find the right words and achieve the best results.

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Winning the game with AI - data instead of just coaches' voices

Winning the game with AI – data instead of just coaches’ voices

What a brilliant 5:1 start the German national team conjured up at the start of the European Championship 2024. Coach Julian Nagelsmann also worked his magic – with AI. Big data, i.e. large amounts of data collected and analyzed before the game, and real-time data provide coaches with a new source of data that they can use to make decisions.

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The best AI Tools for content creation

The Best AI Tools for Content Creation

Written a brilliant text but still need a key visual or illustration? Creating suitable assets can sometimes take longer than writing the text itself. If you’re familiar with this scenario and want to save time, this blog post is for you. We have tested and described the 25 best programs for image and video creation. Let’s go!

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