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SEO checks are the best way to start your SEO mission. Our namesakes, the tough US Army SEALs, thoroughly check every piece of their equipment before starting  new journey. You should do the same.

SEO check with AI

Why we use AI tools for checks

SEO checks in times of AI

AI tools have transformed SEO checks by automating in-depth data analysis, enabling more accurate and comprehensive insights. This advancement allows for quicker, more strategic decision-making in optimizing websites for search engines.

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AI-powered SEO check tools we use

Scalenut 94%
CanIRank 97%
SEO AI 67%
MarketMuse 88%

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The 5 most important areas for your SEO check

With an SEO check you analyze if your website is optimized for search engines like Google.
This check usually includes a review of these aspects:

  • 1. Keyword Research

    We analyse whether the right keywords are already being used to generate traffic to the website. If not, we research relevant keywords/ keyphrases.

  • 2. Technical SEO Check

    We check the technical aspects of your website, such as loading speed, mobile optimization and crawling errors.

  • 3. OnPage SEO Check

    We test the content on each page to ensure it is relevant and engaging to search engines and users.

  • 4. Offpage SEO Check

    We check the backlink profile to make sure that the website is linked from other high quality websites.

  • 5. Ranking Analysis

    We analyze the ranking of your website for keywords and in comparison to competitors and suggest measures for optimization.

How companies use AI for SEO checks

  1. Keyword Research and Analysis: AI tools can help identify relevant trending keywords or specific terms, analyse search volume, competition, and more even faster than ever before.

  2. SEO Audits: We use AI tools to conduct comprehensive SEO audits of your website. These can scan your entire site to identify SEO issues like broken links, slow-loading pages, poor mobile optimization, and missing meta tags even better than before.

  3. Content Optimization: AI can suggest improvements in your content for better SEO. Existing tools have geared up, and new tools continue to emerge.

  4. Backlink Analysis: AI-driven tools can analyze your backlink profile, fast and efficiently identifying high-quality links and potential toxic links that could harm your site’s ranking.

  5. Competitor Analysis: AI tools can track and analyze your competitors’ SEO.

  6. Predictive Analysis: Some advanced AI tools offer predictive analytics, forecasting future trends in search behavior.

  7. Voice Search Optimization: With the rise of voice-activated assistants, AI tools can help optimize your content for voice search, which often involves more natural, conversational queries.

  8. Local SEO Optimization: AI can analyze local search trends and help optimize your content for local SEO.

  9. Monitoring SEO Performance: We use AI tools to continuously monitor your website’s SEO performance.

  10. Personalization: AI can help personalize content for different segments of your audience, improving user engagement, which is a positive signal for search engines.
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Why you should hire us

  • 1. Cost savings

    Through an SEO check with AI tools, you can also avoid spending unnecessarily on expensive online marketing campaigns. If the website is already well optimized, it can generate organic traffic without having to invest a lot of money in paid advertising.

  • 2. Better user experience

    With our encompassing approach and experience, we create a seamless user experience on your website, thus enhancing your SEO.

  • 3. Enhanced customer service

    We install systems and virtual assistants to monitor your website/ blog/ shop 24/7, promptly signalling bugs that need to be fixed. This fosters a positive customer experience, boosts satisfaction, and builds brand loyalty.

  • 4. The human factor

    While AI tools can provide valuable insights and automate many SEO tasks, they should be used in conjunction with human expertise. SEO is not just about algorithms but also about understanding user intent and providing valuable content, areas where human judgment is still crucial.

  • 5. Techies in full swing

    By fixing technical errors and weaknesses in navigation, website visitors can navigate to the content they are looking for faster and easier.

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